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An Evening of Flamenco - October 26, 2006
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Flamenco Aqui y Ahora (Flamenco Here and Now) is a flamenco group comprised of local musicians and dancers.  Dancer Lori Friedlander has been a dancer for almost 30 years and claims Meiserville as her home!  She is joined by dancer Kim Bartlett and dancer Lara Vracarich who has been around Flamenco since birth but just recently started dancing.  The dancers will be accompanied by Paco de Nada who has been playing guitar for over 4 decades.  Rounding out the ensemble is Ricardo Kearns, a descendant of the Beavertown Kearns family, on percussion where he has been honing his skills for over 20 years and playing cajon for 7 years.  Cajon is a box drum with primarily Peruvian origins but has taken root in Cuba and has even found a place as "the" percussion instrument of the Spanish flamenco ensemble.